Jelske Hoogervorst – saxophone
Folker Tettero – electric and acoustic guitar

Lots of musical interaction, great musical responsibility and knowing your repertoire very well. That’s what playing in a duo line-up of musicians requires. And it also has something to offer the listener, namely plenty of room for the imagination.

Inspired by some of their hero duos like Stan Getz with Kenny Barron, Jim Hall with Pat Metheny, Bob Brookmeyer with Jim Hall, saxophonist Jelske Hoogervorst and guitarist Folker Tettero play their favorite jazz, pop and soul repertoire in duo formation under the name Interplay.

They put their favorite pop songs from Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, John Mayer, The Beatles, and Billie Joel in an instrumental, jazzy guise. Full of nostalgia, they quote their beloved jazz standards and throw themselves into the deep with short improvisations.

Interplay offers an intimate listening experience full of musical interaction, moments of recognition and moments of discovery.

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Book Tettero on Gigstarter

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Buy music from Tettero on Bandcamp