Folker Tettero speelt gitaar

Folker Tettero started playing the guitar by listening to Santana’s LP Abraxas.
Soon the inspiration of BB King’s music was added and he switched to the electric
Improvising and finding his own way in music became increasingly important. That is why
he started playing jazz in the big band of the music school Zoetermeer and had
electric guitar lessons with Jack Paauwe. Eventually he went to the conservatory
in Utrecht (1991) with teachers  Eef Albers and Marcel Karreman.  There he
gradually found his musical way. He studied master guitar at
the Royal Conservatory in The Hague with Peter Nieuwerf, Eef Albers and Wim Bronnenberg.

Folker has played in bands with very different styles:
the Red Hot Dynamite Band (country), Emotional Pitstop (blues), Norman & the Rhythmkings
(jazz / own work), Cookerhood (funk), Funky Finger All Stars (covers) New Standard Trio
(own work), the Amsterdam Headliners (funk), Carmen Gomes Inc (blues / jazz), Sugar
(soul jazz) and the Amsterdelics (Hip-P-Funk) have subbed in other bands .


gitarist Folker Tettero
After his study at the conservatory, Folker also played in musical productions (A Chorus Line, Copacabana, Hamelen).

Folker has taught at various institutions in Amsterdam and Utrecht, and has been an electric guitar teacher at the Utrecht Center for the Arts for over 12 years. He has now been teaching for five years at the Bergen Music School in Oegstgeest. In addition, he has always had a private teaching practice. Now he teaches at a new plays in Haarlem-Noord – ‘het Verhalenhuis’ . Now Folker can give guitar- or music lessons online as well.

After the final exam in The Hague, Folker continued with his own band Tettero with which 2 CDs were recorded.
The CD ‘First’ (2012) contains only his compositions and has 2 instrumentations. Various guest soloists can be heard, such as saxophonist Tom Beek and vocalist Paul van Kessel.
The last CD ‘Point of View’ was recorded in 2014. Folker has gone back to a trio line-up. The starting point was to capture the music as spontaneously as possible, as it is live.
In March 2017, he further developed the concept by asking trumpet player Dirk Beets. Moreover, the recordings were recorded directly on a 2-track tape, which allowed his idea of ​​freedom, spontaneity and sound to be captured even better.