Amsterdelics are one of Hollands finest new bands. Free floating on a groove that recalls the era of Parliament/Funkadelic, the group infused their sound with an ounce of radical reggae, a pinch of rock, and a dash of psychedelics.
The flight crew of this Mothership is compiled from an amazing cross section of the Dutch music scene, with musicians hailing from bands that have proven their dedication and professionalism beyond the call of duty.
Amsterdelics have one album out and will be dropping new tunes regularly this year.

Every show they do leaves the audience gasping for breath, and every song will have a lasting impact.
Honest, intense, unique; this era belongs to Amsterdelics, and we want you to be part of it.
To the stars, my friends, to the stars!

Performed at Melkweg(every year, tradition), Woodstock 69, Vondelpark Open Air, National Radio 3FM on the program from the famous Giel Beelen, etc.
Funktastic. Realy, so cool this! You really nailed it, with that Bowie- like way. Super- nicely done!” – Giel Beelen (Veronica) 
*Amsterdelics a winged organism in which the freedom to fly is central. Intense, honest and overwhelming.*

Amsterdelics website
Amsterdelics Hip-P-Funk band